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Seamus Nicolson- 'From the Corner of my Eye'

From the Corner of My Eye

The subject of Seamus Nicolson’s new work is the everyday and the fleeting relationship we have with our surrounding environment. Inspiration came whilst driving looking for locations to use for his work. The momentary glimpses of scenes by the roadside and the subliminal views seen through the veil of hedges, instead of being the backdrop, became the subject. The new body of work also extends this idea from the road to encompass Nicolson’s domestic environment and locations found on local walks.

The artist employs two approaches to depicting the peripheral and the half-seen. One is pictorial and represents the conscious mind, where the subject that caught his eye is re-visited, composed and recorded in crisp detail. The other approach attempts to capture images that pass the edge of our field of vision subconsciously every day. These are photographed from a moving car without composing through the viewfinder. Both strategies are informed by painting and to varying degrees engage with abstract forms. Nicolson takes the medium of photography away from documentary concerns and uses it as means to transform the everyday and the banal into something otherworldly that conceals from the viewer as much as it reveals.

Seamus Nicolson has exhibited since 1996 and has work in National Collections such as the Tate, the Arts Council and the Government Art Collection as well as private and public collections abroad. He has also worked commercially, shooting fashion advertising campaigns for Vivienne Westwood. 

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Seamus Nicolson- From the Corner of my Eye

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