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Bristol Skipchen-Sea of Humanity

An exhibition of hope & truth about the migration crisis from volunteers & activists on the frontline.

We travelled by road as a group of friends and humans to camps in Calais and Lesvos last year; we are now ready to share our thoughts. The Round Tower exhibition is going to be a room full of what we saw, photos and videos alongside our thoughts of what truth and hope thrive there.

We can read of the barbarities that are taking place against human kind, but we want to offer a still and silent space to feel life-affirming tenderness and a kind of defiance that exists in these places of pain. You are welcome to come & share your thoughts, we'll have a space for reflection and tools for writing your threads of thought. These will be posted to Lesvos, to the kitchen we've set up there.

Whilst doubt is the commodity in greatest supply among the world's 'leaders' at the moment we wish to give a glimpse of certain humanity, human kind, hands, smiles, hope and hearts that are healing the pain inflicted upon them.

Workshops: Across the Bank holiday weekend, we will be facilitating two workshops to inspire debate and thoughtfulness, this exhibition has the power to explore many cross cutting themes. 

Please get in touch if you have a theme you would like to explore, let's co create conversations you as the public want to explore!

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